June 22, 2016 / Press Releases


June 22, 2016

Despite the country’s resounding rejection of Marco Rubio, he can’t seem to keep himself from running for office. Again. His desperation would be pitiful if it weren’t so disturbing, given all that he would do to endanger Florida women.

We’ve been disturbed by Marco Rubio for a long time. Here’s why:

Marco Rubio is the wrong choice for Florida women and families, and if he does decide to run for Senate, we know they’ll be against him (frankly, they don’t need Rubio to continue the current Florida trend of disrespecting women with bad policies). But, no matter what decision Marco Rubio makes, we’ve got Patrick Murphy’s back. Here’s why:

  • Patrick Murphy is a champion for reproductive freedom because he recognizes that access to a full-range of reproductive health services, including contraception and abortion care, is critical for a woman’s success.
  • Patrick Murphy is a lead sponsor of the Affordability is Access Act, a NARAL-supported proposal that would build on the contraceptive-coverage policy in the ACA by ensuring that health insurance plans cover access to birth control over-the-counter and without a prescription.
  • Patrick Murphy supports the Women’s Health Protection Act and the EACH Woman Act, which would lift harmful restrictions on abortion access.
  • Patrick Murphy has fought against attempts to defund Planned Parenthood.

“No matter what Rubio decides to do, we already know he’s wrong for Florida women and families. He’s been disappointing them his entire career with backwards policies that hold them back. We need Patrick Murphy – a true champion for reproductive freedom – in the U.S. Senate.” -Kaylie Hanson Long, NARAL Pro-Choice America National Communications Director.

[1] Rubio amendment to FY’14 Senate Budget Resolution, S.Con.Res.8, 3/22/13.


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