July 7, 2016 / Press Releases

Two weeks before Trump takes stage in Cleveland: NARAL hits 9 Senate candidates trying to run and hide from their nominee

July 7, 2016

NARAL Releases #TrumpSquadGoals; A New Campaign To Tie Vulnerable Senate Republicans And Candidates With Their Highly Unpopular Nominee

Campaign Kicks Off With Zoolander Inspired Digital Ad Campaign In 9 States:  NV, NC, AZ, MO, PA, WI, OH, IA and NH

Two weeks from today, Donald Trump will take the stage in Cleveland to accept the nomination of the Republican Party. In advance of that, NARAL Pro-Choice America, today, announced a new campaign targeting many of the people who will not be in Cleveland — vulnerable Republican Senate candidates.

The new campaign, called #TrumpSquadGoals, will show that while many of these Republicans are trying to run from Trump, they can’t hide from him or their own record. The reason they can’t hide is because they are advocating from many of the exact same polices as Trump.

To launch the campaign, NARAL is running statewide digital ad campaigns between now and the convention in nine states – Nevada, North Carolina, Arizona, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and New Hampshire. The ads use an “iconic” image from the movie Zoolander to make the point that these candidates may want to run from Trump’s rhetoric but they can’t hide from the fact that they share the same record.

You can see the ads here: http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/media/press-releases/2016/trumpsquadgoals-ads.html

You can see the “Zoolander” GIFs by click on any one of the candidate’s profiles on the TrumpSquadGoal page. For example, http://trumpsquadgoals.com/squad-member/john-mccain/

You can see the full #TrumpSquadGoals website here: http://trumpsquadgoals.com/

“These candidates may be able to run from Cleveland but they can’t hide from their record,” said Sasha Bruce, Senior Vice President of Campaigns and Strategy at NARAL. “Just like Trump, these candidates want to punish women by banning abortion, reducing access to health services and rolling back decades’ worth of progress. We’re going to be working between now and Election Day to remind voters in these states that these candidates are card carrying members of the #TrumpSquadGoals.”


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