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Nevada Organizer

NARAL Pro-Choice America is seeking a Nevada Organizer, based in Las Vegas, to identify, train, and support volunteers and volunteer leaders to move decision makers, elect pro-choice candidates, and win campaigns.

As the nation’s leading pro-choice advocacy group, NARAL Pro-Choice America is dedicated to protecting and expanding reproductive freedom for all Americans, including abortion access. Along with our 2.5 million member activists from all 50 states and network of state affiliates, NARAL works to guarantee that each woman has access to the full range of reproductive freedoms.

We are at a historic moment in which the anti-choice movement is one step away from overturning or gutting Roe, but also in which we have major opportunities to advance abortion rights in America by mobilizing the 7 in 10 Americans who support access to abortion. NARAL is working to leverage the power of our 2.5 million members to achieve legislative and political victories to protect and expand reproductive freedom. To accomplish these goals, NARAL is prioritizing work to build even more grassroots power and scale our organizing by creating new volunteer structures and opportunities for deeper member engagement. The Nevada Organizer is a key player in building a network of highly activated volunteers and volunteer leaders who partner with each other and with NARAL in achieving campaign wins.

At NARAL, we don’t operate or litigate; we organize and mobilize. Working together, we push our friends to be bolder, lift up the champions fighting with us on the front line for true reproductive freedom, and we shine a spotlight of accountability on bad actors that work to impose their ideological agenda on others.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Salary range: $47,000 – $60,900

Reports to: Associate Organizing Director

This position is: Permanent, full-time, exempt, union level III


The Nevada Organizer will work towards legislative and electoral priorities. The Nevada Organizer will prioritize building power through volunteer leader development in Southern Nevada and, as capacity allows and needs arise, throughout the state. The Nevada Organizer will prioritize recruiting, mentoring, training, and supporting NARAL volunteer leaders to establish a self-sustaining “Action Council” — an all-volunteer leaders’ group committed to working on NARAL priority campaigns by, for example, running events, recruiting for rallies, and engaging in rapid response. The Nevada Organizer will also support Action Council leaders in creating and executing organizing plans to achieve campaign goals; work to identify and support individual volunteer leaders and volunteers where it’s not possible to set up self-sustaining Action Councils (including those who can share their personal story of why reproductive freedom matters to them); and regularly work to identify and recruit prospective volunteers and volunteer leaders through a variety of means.



Recruit and Develop Volunteer Leaders:

  • Recruit, mentor, train, and support volunteer leaders to establish self-sustaining Action Councils.
  • Oversee Action Council leaders and support them in creating and executing campaign plans around NARAL core campaigns and in recruiting new volunteers.
  • Work to identify, and support through group calls or other distributed methods, individual volunteer leaders and volunteers where it’s not possible to set up self-sustaining Action Councils.
  • Train volunteers and volunteer leaders in a variety of skills through in-person training, national trainings, videos, guides, and tip sheets.
  • Build community between Action Council Leaders; work with Action Councils or groups of volunteers to establish regular meetings or events that build community between volunteers.
  • Identify and recruit prospective volunteers and volunteer leaders, many of whom may not identify themselves as leaders, through a variety of channels.
  • Infuse campaign context, theory of change, and urgency in all volunteer communications; share regular campaign updates with volunteers.
  • Help identify rapid response opportunities.
  • Identify storytellers who can share why reproductive freedom matters to them and help equip them with tools and support to share their story with decision makers and political leaders, as well as at public events or press conferences.

Developing Organizing Plans to Win Campaigns:

  • Work with Associate Organizing Director to establish organizing plans for Action Council and volunteers that align with campaign goals.
  • Work with volunteers and volunteer leaders to execute organizing plans.
  • Report, track, and record real time data; where appropriate ensure that volunteer leaders are doing the same.


  • Provide management and support to volunteer leaders through individual meetings, trainings, regular calls, community development, online forums and other methods as appropriate.
  • Work with Associate Organizing Director to build and maintain a collegial and powerful organizing team using a shared language and organizing model, ongoing training and development, and a developed community for the organizers.


  • Approximately 3 years of organizing experience, including at least 1 year of organizing experience in an issue advocacy setting; at least 2 years’ experience in volunteer recruitment and development.
  • Experience in and familiarity with Las Vegas community.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop organizing plans.
  • Ability to train volunteers and activists in skill development, power-building, and strategic planning and campaigning.
  • Data management experience and knowledge.
  • Strong time management skills
  • Ability to work with deadlines and under pressure
  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent written and oral community skills
  • Demonstrated leadership ability, team building, and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to NARAL Pro-Choice America’s mission and goals
  • A commitment to contributing to a workplace environment in which diversity is valued and supported.
  • Bilingual Spanish/English preferred

Application Process

NARAL Pro-Choice America does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, or political affiliation.  Candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

To apply for this position, please send a resume and a cover letter to:

Email: jobs@prochoiceamerica.org

Subject line: Nevada Organizer

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