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Dirty, Rotten, Sexist Scoundrel: Michael Screnock

Trespassing. Harassment. Obstructing officers. Arrest.

Sounds like the villain in a bad movie, right?

Well, if you’re an anti-choice extremist like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, this resume may sound like the perfect candidate to be a state Supreme Court judge. That’s right, a man with a lengthy criminal record of harassing abortion clinics and disrespecting the police is the latest far-right judge who has put himself in line for a seat on the Wisconsin state supreme court.

In an increasing trend of far-right politicians recruiting literal criminals to be their henchmen, it was recently revealed that Michael Screnock was arrested and convicted of harassing people at abortion clinics. Twice.

When questioned by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this week, Screnock was unrepentant and proudly defended his crime-committing days. He fondly describes himself as a “rescue worker,” when in reality he was forcibly blocking women from entering a medical center for their scheduled appointments.

While Screnock’s insists that he “doesn’t regret his actions,” he’s apparently willing to lie about them. When he was filling out his application to be a county judge in 2015, Screnock lied and checked “no” when asked if he’d ever been cited or convicted. As if that weren’t diabolical enough, Screnock was one of the attorneys behind Wisconsin’s gerrymandered maps that are currently being challenged in the Supreme Court.

Michael Screnock has no business sitting on a court judging the actions of Wisconsinites and certainly not deciding the fate of women’s autonomy.

Everyone should be able to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family.

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