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October 21, 2021

21st Peninsula Power of Choice Event

Event link to be provided the week of the event
Special Instructions:

It's with careful consideration that we have decided to make the event fully virtual. We are saddened to not be able to meet together in person again this year, but we know this is the safest choice for our community at this time.


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If sending donations via mail:

1. Please expect several weeks delay in the acknowledgment of your gift.

2. Please send any mail to 1725 Eye St NW, Ste. 900, Washington, DC 20006.

3. Please email events@naral.org with your name and your email.
If you are a sponsor, please email your guests’ names and their emails as well.

Thank you!

Featured Speakers

Adrienne Kimmell
Acting President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

Adrienne Kimmel is the acting president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. A pioneer in messaging research grounded in behavioral and cognitive science, Adrienne has helped create an understanding of the interplay between emotion and voting behavior. In her 20 years fighting for reproductive freedom and gender equality, Adrienne has served as an organizational leader, leading sophisticated political programs, leveraging message research, and deploying electoral and legislative strategies at the federal and state levels. Her commentary has appeared in national publications including The New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Politico, The Atlantic, USA Today, and NPR.

Deja Foxx
Activist, Strategist, and Founder of GenZ Girl Gang

Deja Foxx is a 21-year-old activist, feminist, strategist, and influencer leading thought at the intersection of social justice and social media. She is the founder of GenZ Girl Gang (a community of young womxn and fems redefining sisterhood in the age of social media), a student at Columbia University, and a Digital Creator with Ford Models. At just 19, she was the youngest staffer across the 2020 Presidential campaigns while working for Kamala Harris as Influencer and Surrogate Strategist. She has gone on to build innovative digital strategies for nonprofits and serves as the Social Media Director at Acronym, an organization building digital infrastructure for the modern progressive movement.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Golden Sponsors: $50,000+
Cecilia Barajas
Marcia & John Goldman
Shannon Hunt-Scott

Champion Sponsors: $25,000+
Good Bear Co.
Laura Lauder
Amy Rao
Leonard & Preeva Tramiel


Defender Sponsors: $15,000+
Susan Z. Breyer
Peggy & Steve Dow
Judy Estrin
Eva Grove
Susan Hyatt
Susan Orr


Advocate Sponsors: $10,000+
Samira Amid-Hozour
Rebecca & Andy  Barfknecht
Shawn Byers
Jennifer DiBrienza & Jesse Dorogusker
Dianne Giancarlo
Evan & Cindy Goldberg
Paula Hurd
Michele Kirsch
Sarah Delson & Larry Kramer
Marian Kremer
Hon. Becky Morgan
Lilli Rey
Robina Riccitiello
Carol Saal, Susan Saal, Nate Saal & Harry Saal
Sarah Sands
Sandra & John W. Thompson

Leader Sponsors: $5,000+
Kathleen Anderson
Martha Arscott
Patricia N. Atassi
Janice Brody
Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
Barbara & Chris Creed
Wynne Segal Dubovoy
Nanci & Gary Fredkin
Hanson & Alexandra Gifford
Azadeh Hariri
Liz & Marty Korman
Iris & Hal Korol
Lisa Lindelef
Connie & Bob Lurie
Jackie & Richard Mayer
Betsy & Bill Miller
Phyllis Moldaw
Lydia Moran
Tashia Morgridge
Jill Parker
Barbara Proulx
Susie Richardson
Michelle Sandberg, MD
Sheryl Sandberg
Dorothy Saxe
Chris Schumacher
Sunny Scott
Ellen Winick Stross
Susan Valeriote
Diana Walsh
Jane Williams
Kathy Williams


Partner Sponsors: $3,000+
Judy Aptekar
Margalynne Armstrong & 
   Andrew Pierce
Jody Bostic
Denise Brosseau
Caretha & Ken Coleman
Monica Corman
Hugh & Laura Cornish
Mary & Bob Dodge
Kathy Giori
Merrilee Harris
Lisa Horowitz
Sara Imershein MD MPH
David & Teresa Korol
Carol Mayer Marshall
Camilla Neri
Angela Nomellini
Judy & Brad O’Brien
Carmen Ortiz
Pandia Health
Tanya Prioste
Debbie Rachleff
Elizabeth B. Ross
Barbara Harriman Spreng
Madeline & Isaac Stein
Libby Tyree-Taylor
Bonnie Burdett Walker
Mara Frankel Wallace
The Village Doctor


Sponsor Ticket: $1,500+
Betty Denenberg Adler & 
   Jacques Adler
Nancy Blachman
Joanna Boyer
Lage Andersen
Aimee Gildea & Marc Berman
Melinda Bieber & Norman 
Gwen Books
Rita Chen
Barbara Coll & John Sebes
Katrina Currier
Anne O. Dauer
Sharon Kristensen 
Barbara W. Deméré
Susan Ellenberg
Debra Engel, Garret & David 
Concepción & Irwin 
Catherine Crystal Foster
Dianne Gershuny
Judy & Josh Green
Nonie H. Greene
Barbara Gross
Beth Grossman
Elizabeth Grover
Brad & Emeri Handler
Belinda Hanson
Kathryn Bogue Harris
Laura Hattendorf
Sally Herrick
Tricia Herrick
Virginia Tuner Hess
Christy Holloway
Khristine & Gordon Holterman
Leslie & George Hume
Susie Hwang & Matt Glickman
Julie Kaufman
Paulette & David Kessler
Hon. Judy Kleinberg
Hon. Liz Kniss
Bren Leisure
Connie Loarie
Stacy Mason
Alan C. Mendelson
Lynn Mitchell
Vivian Loh Nahmias
Kim O’Keefe Beck, PhD
Katy Orr
Patricia Stone Ortenberg
Marcia Pade
Jaime Patel
Sherri R. Sager
Lisa & Steven Schatz
Ursula Schorn
Ellen M. Snee EdD
Lynn K. Telford
Cari Templeton
Mary Lee Wachtel
Camille Watson
Hon. Steve Westly
Michelle Winner & Pam Crooke
Jane Wolf
Judith A. Wolken