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Missouri Sens. Onder and Wallingford: Lions, tigers, and women, oh my!

Missouri State Sens. Wayne Wallingford and Bob Onder

State Sens. Wayne Wallingford and Bob Onder have a great suggestion for women in need of reproductive health care: go to the zoo!

Here’s the exchange:

“The St. Louis Zoo gets inspected once a year,” said State Senator Bob Onder.

To which State Senator Wayne Wallingford replied: “Maybe we should send the people that want an abortion to the St. Louis Zoo, because we know it’ll be safer.”

But that’s not all. Onder even went on to scoff at objection to mandatory waiting periods for women… because there is already a waiting period for euthanizing zoo animals.

It might—and should—offend all human beings that a woman who is seeking health care would be compared to animals at the zoo. And we wish we could tell you that this comparison is limited to just these two special guys in Missouri. But—nope! Just last month, state lawmakers in Wyoming actually moved a bill to regulate abortion care… through the same committee that regulates pigs and sheep. And let’s not forget how many times our president has called a woman a pig or a dog.

Here’s the other thing: this latest comparison of women to zoo animals didn’t even come up during a debate in the Senate about eroding abortion rights with a new bill. The discussion was about a proposed tax hike in Missouri. When voters elect you to improve the economy and do a deep dive on tax reform, and you use that time to talk about curbing access to abortion by drawing a comparison of women to animals, seems like it’s time to reevaluate your priorities or get the heck out of elected office.

It’s no surprise that State Sens. Onder and Wallingford would monopolize precious taxpayer time on restricting women’s health care, a concept the majority of his constituents opposite. Onder is someone who has sponsored some of the most egregious anti-choice bills in Missouri, and did time on the Missouri Right to Life board. State Sen. Wayne Wallingford is pushing an initiative to kill Missouri’s progressive ordinance that protects residents from discrimination based on their personal decisions to raise a family or access basic reproductive health care.

So gentlemen, you’re getting the Dirty, Rotten, Sexist Scoundrel award. Oink oink.

Everyone should be able to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family.

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