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Abortion-Care Policies

Abortion Providers

Abortion Providers: Expanded Access to Surgical Abortion

There are no provisions in Vermont law that prohibit Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants from providing surgical abortion. (Letter from State of Vermont, Department of Health to Honroable Fred Upton, Chairman of House Committee on Energy and Commerce)

Abortion Rights

Protections: State Consitutional Protection

The Vermont Constitution protects the right to choose to a greater extent than the U.S. Constitution.  A regulation limiting state medical assistance for abortion to those procedures covered by the federal Medicaid program was struck down under the state constitution because the provision excluded medically necessary abortion services and allowed reimbursement for abortion care only in cases of life endangerment. Doe v. Celani, No. S81-84CnC (Vt. Super. Ct. May 26, 1986). A similar restriction has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court under the U.S. Constitution. Williams v. Zbaraz, 448 U.S. 358 (1980).

Biased Counseling

No state measure.

Mandatory Delays

No state measure.

Insurance Coverage & Abortion

No state measure.

Low-Income Women & Abortion

Restricts Low-Income Women’s Access to Abortion

Vermont allows women eligible for state medical assistance for general health care to obtain public funds for medically necessary abortion services.  Vt. Dep’t of Soc. Welfare, PP & D Memo, Policy Interpretation (Jan. 12, 1994); Vt. Dep’t of Soc. Welfare, Abortion Certification, DSW 219B (Rev. March 1998) at http://www.vtmedicaid.com/Downloads/forms/Abortion%20forms%20219AB.pdf; Doe v. Celani, No. S81-84CnC (Vt. Super. Ct. May, 26, 1986) (invalidating an earlier state regulation as unconstitutional and unenforceable under the Vermont constitution to the extent that the regulation funded only procedures covered by the federal Medicaid program and did not fund all medically necessary abortion services).

Young Women & Abortion

No state measure.

Family-Planning Policies

Insurance Coverage & Contraception

Supports Insurance Coverage of Contraception

Vermont law requires health-insurance plans that cover prescription medication to provide equitable coverage for contraception.

What is required?  If a health-insurance plan provides coverage for prescription medication, it must provide coverage for all Food and Drug Administration-approved prescription contraception.  In addition, health-insurance plans must cover outpatient contraceptive services.

To which insurance plans does the law apply?  Individual and group health-insurance plans, hospital or medical service corporation contracts, and health maintenance organization (HMO) contracts, except certain limited benefit plans, that provide coverage for prescription medication.

Does the law provide additional protections for women?  Yes.  Such plans may not impose any financial burden for coverage of contraception greater than those imposed for other treatments, prescriptions, or devices.

Does the law contain a refusal clause, allowing certain employers and/or insurers to refuse to provide or pay for contraceptive coverage?  No.

Vt . Stat. Ann. tit. 8, § 4099c (Enacted 1999).

Improves Insurance Coverage of Contraception

Vermont law requires health-insurance plans to cover dispensing of a 12 month supply of prescription contraceptives.

What is required?  Health-insurance plans must reimburse providers and pharmacies for dispensing a 12-month supply of contraceptives.

Vt. Stat. Ann. tit. 8, § 4099c (2016); Vt. Stat. Ann. tit. 33, § 1811 (2016).

Low-Income Women & Contraception

No state measure.

Emergency Contraception

No state measure.

Other Important Issues

Clinic Protections

No state measure.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

No state measure.

Refusals & Guarantees

No state measure.

Counseling & Referral Bans

No state measure.

Everyone should be able to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family.

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