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My period was late.

I had not been planning to get pregnant, and I was in no position socially or economically to carry a child, much less properly raise a child. My partner agreed; we made the decision jointly but not lightly, and so we visited a Planned Parenthood clinic, where we knew we could get the help we needed. The staff were professional and kind and did not attempt to influence our decision in any way. Some people there wanted babies; Planned Parenthood was helping them too, always recognizing that such decisions are very personal.

My test was positive. The nurse scheduled me for a follow-up appointment later that week. A few days beforehand, I got my period, only it was different than usual. Further tests showed I’d had a very early miscarriage and was no longer pregnant. So, I didn’t get an abortion from Planned Parenthood; I got one from the Universe itself. Some pregnancies simply aren’t meant to come to term, and many embryos never become fetuses for purely natural reasons.

The thought of anyone being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy is appalling.

S. Miller
NARAL Member

I am still VERY glad Planned Parenthood was there for me, and support them to this day. The thought of anyone being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy is appalling; it is cruelly unfair to both mother and child. Prosecuting women for naturally occurring miscarriages (which are sometimes called “spontaneous abortions” in medicine), as happens in some countries, is even worse; it is cruel to women who do want to be mothers and obnoxious to science.

Everyone should be able to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family.

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